Exploring is Learning for Life’s career education program for young men and women who are 14 (and have completed the eighth grade) or 15 to 21 years old. Exploring’s purpose is to provide experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. Explorers are ready to investigate the meaning of interdependence in their personal relationships and communities.

Explorer posts can specialize in a variety of career skills. Exploring programs are based on five areas of emphasis: career opportunities, life skills, citizenship, character education, and leadership experience. Fill out our career interest survey and we will notify you of open houses and and when a new Exploring post is starting near you.

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Exploring Guide

The updated Exploring Guidebook for Youth and Adult Leaders has been posted at www.exploring.org in the “Unit Resources” box. This is an Exploring leader’s one-stop-shop for building long-lasting Exploring posts and clubs.

Exploring Guidebook

What’s different about this new edition? 

  • A new, rebranded look and feel
  • Half the number of pages
  • A new index
  • Updated references to program policies and processes
  • A new section about funding your unit

Career Opportunities

• Develop potential contacts that may broaden
   employment options
• Boost self-confidence and experience success
   at school and work

Life Skills

• Build physical and mental fitness
• Experience positive social interaction


• Encourage the skill and desire to help others
• Gain a keen respect for the basic rights of others

Character Education

• Help make ethical choices
• Fulfill one’s responsibility to
  society as a whole

Leadership Experience

• Acquire leadership skills to fulfill
  one’s responsibilities in society

Career Fields and Programs