Exploring Leader and Youth Resources

Adult Leaders

Exploring advisors are volunteers, aged 21 and older, who excel in their career fields. They are great advisors who are dedicated to Exploring. They have volunteered their time and skills to be advisors and choose to work with the Exploring Program. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience in their career field with youth as well as enjoy getting to know each of you along the way. All adult leaders are trained in Youth Protection Training and Explorer Adult Leader Training.


Outing Permit - This application must be filed with the local Learning for Life office one week in advance of scheduled activity for proper clearance. The outing permit is a planning tool to help leaders be prepared for a safe and fun adventure. It helps ensure trained leadership is in place, equipment is available, and there is safe and appropriate transportation to and from an event. All Scout leaders participating in official Scouting activities must become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting

Youth Protection Resources - Learning for Life places great importance on creating secure environment for our youth participants. To accomplish this objective, Learning for Life offers parents, educators, and youth the following Youth Protection resources. Printed materials and DVDs may be obtained through your local Learning for Life office and at www.learningforlife.org

Memorandum of Understanding (for use with recharter) - The Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement signed annually by the head of the organization participating in the Exploring Program. The responsibilities of the organization are included.

Social Media Guidelines

Resource Guides for Life Skills Meeting Topics

Youth Leaders

Becoming and Being a Leader - Your understanding of leadership will shape how you approach your officer responsibilities, how you interact with one another, how you make decisions, and the kinds of activities and special projects you choose to engage in as a post.

Leadership Checkup - Because one of the responsibilities of the post president is to “assess on an ongoing basis whether the responsibilities of the officers are being carried out effectively,” the president should ensure that this checkup becomes an integral part of officer training.

How to Brainstorm - Brainstorming is an essential part of good thinking, and it is also an essential part of coming to good decisions.

How to Conduct a Post Parents’ Night - One of the most successful programs developed by posts in many locations is an annual post parents’ night held in February or March. This is a good opportunity to “show off” posts to the parents of Explorers, many of whom might not know much about Exploring.

How to Develop Service Projects - This resource on service is to give you some ideas on developing your service projects. In particular, it describes one method that will help you first identify needs for service, and then identify projects that address those needs.

How to Earn Money - Many posts decide to purchase equipment, take a trip, or plan a special project that requires additional funds. All the participants should participate in a money-earning project.

How to Generate Publicity - Publicity can be in the form of a talk, special event, dinner, demonstration, exhibit, interview, conference, news story, feature story, or photo essay. The list is limited only by each post’s imagination and industriousness.

How to Introduce a Speaker - The proper introduction of people presenting programs to the post is important. Explorers expect qualified speakers, and a proper introduction lends prestige and sets the tone of the meeting.

How to Lead a Discussion - A group discussion is a planned conversation on a selected topic with a trained discussion leader. The purpose is to express opinions and gain information on the topic and learn from the other group participants.

How to Make a Speech or Presentation - When called upon to make a speech, consider these suggestions to help make your speech more interesting, worthwhile, and fun for both you and your audience.

How to Plan Your Superactivity - The highlight of your post’s program should be its superactivity – a major project, activity, trip, or other event that piques the interest of your post’s participants and serves as a long-range goal around which to rally your post’s program.

How to Recruit New Participants - Some posts have waiting lists and don’t have to worry about recruiting new participants. However, the majority of posts must make regular efforts to find and recruit new participants. These methods may help.

How to Teach a Skill - This how-to section addresses two important issues: how to teach and how to teach a skill in particular. An effective approach to teaching is based on discovery and learning through experiences.

How to Use Charts and Posters - A guide to developing effectively charts and posters.

How to Use Parliamentary Procedure = A brief introduction to parliamentary procedure, an effective method for conducting orderly meetings, including some of the points most often encountered.

Other Resources